About Miranda


I started sewing at the tiny age of 5.  Even then, I had an entrepreneurial spirit. During my elementary years, I sold handmade drawstring bags and hair scrunchies at recess to my fellow classmates.  It was this passion that followed me through life, and drove me to hone my skills in design. I've been an active part in the artistic community over the last decade and continues to celebrate life through Spry Sprout. 

I spent years working for art festivals, until deciding to start my own family. That brought to light a crucial problem: where is all the cool, geeky family stuff?! Looking for anything that was actually useful became a job itself. Well, that just would not do!  The nesting urge kicked in, and I furiously started making things for my own geekling, The Rocket. Then it dawned on me, "Perhaps other families were in need of awesome, useful geek products, too!" On a lark, I put some of her products online, and incredibly, they began to sell out! It was definitely our fans that created Spry Sprout. So the business was born and a new baby at the same time!

It can be difficult juggling family life, running a business, and being part of the creative force behind the amazing products Spry Sprout offers. But I have such an intense desire to bring the same joy I share with my family to yours that it's my mission to deliver premier handmade designs to amazing fans all over the globe. My commitment to excellence is the flame that ignites Spry Sprout to reach new heights with designs that make sense and last a lifetime!

What matters most is making memories with the people you love. We know that those you care about the most will remember the joy of their first blanket, pillow, or that special case that held their sketch pens. I get my greatest satisfaction knowing our company can be a small part of these lasting memories.

Whimsy, wonder, and humor are essential parts of what make me go, and I hope that shines through in all of Spry Sprout's creations!  

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