Introducing: Power Pouches!


We're really excited to continually offer new items to the shop, and one of our favorites is our Power Pouches!  Measuring approx. 7.5" long, 2" tall, 2" deep, they're small enough to stick in your purse or back pack, but will hold all your essentials, from makeup to sunglasses to art supplies.  Featuring your favorite superhero's and geek staples, each one is lovingly handmade with a coordinating zipper, and an inner layer of fleece for extra padding and durability.  They're colorful, fun, and useful! 


Get a better look at the video below:


Aren't they the coolest?  Sound off in the comments below to let us know your favorites, or to suggest something new and totally UNIQUE!  

New Product: ZAP! Snap Bibs

Introducing Bibs!


Spry Sprout is thrilled to announce a new product line of geek baby bibs, our ZAP! Snap Bibs! This custom design features an adjustable strap to grow with your little one. We also use soft flannel backing, which is a natural fiber, for comfort and absorbency. We include a hefty layer of fleece for added thickness and to prevent leaking. All in all, this is one heavy duty baby bib. 

We first introduced these amazing lil' ZAP! Snap bibs in Austin's famous Blue Genie Art Bazaar during the holiday season. They were so popular and generated such a buzz, we decided to offer them year round! From Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Marvel prints, you're sure to find one that makes you smile out loud.

There are three layers of protection including the geeky cotton print on the front, the middle of super absorbent fleece, and even more absorbent soft cotton flannel backing that work together for optimum comfort even on bare skin.We call this the ZAP! Snap Bib because of the hand placed snaps that create the adjustable fit, while also being perfect for your little superhero! There are two snaps that provide even greater comfort for baby, but also added value for mom and dad because these will be the only bibs baby should ever need.

Pick your favorite ZAP! Snap Bib and take advantage of the introductory price of just $14 - $16!  We also have a great bundle to get 3 for $35!  


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