Introducing our KAPOW! Purses!

We are pleased to introduce a new product line: geeky purses! These are a custom designed item from Miranda Blakely, our lead product designer that are made for everyday use.

Miranda said,  

"We made these purses to last with all natural cotton and a layer of fleece for a sturdy body. Each purse also features a different geek motif for a super fun overall design."

From Wonder Woman, Skeletor, Star Wars, Marvel Superheros, and Doctor Who, every design is created to celebrate our nerd culture with wildly cute fabric creations and to last the test of time. The strap is for over the shoulder carrying with additional support for the body of the bag. It can carry a wallet, books or a tablet, and anything you can fit in its generously outfitted interior. We are so excited to start offering these in our shop. Get yours here today!



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